About The Sails Within

I believe there is something within us that helps us navigate though life. As I thought more about the web content and how to author this project, I saw the sails as a tangible aspect of an intangible thing, and they're present in every person. The sails are the navigator through the water and the weather. They're our guidance, our soul and our will that takes us from one place in life to the next.  No matter what, we must always believe that we control our sails and how we navigate through this world. We are free to take on new ventures, overcome our obstacles and enjoy the presence of being.


Why do I write? I write for freedom, transformation, wonder and art. I write because I love to. It's my only voice when I can't speak. If my heart isn't bleeding, then a pen surely can. I write because it's what I know best, and if I had any talent, it would be this. I have no time, energy or the health to hold in what I think or feel. So, I take to a pen and paper (or computer), and let it spill out. Sometimes when life gets too numb, writing a thought is the only way I know I'm living. I write because of love, pain, laughs, curiosity, the what-the-hell's and the amazing's of life.   With The Sails Within I present my passion, perspective and experiences that I hope resonate with you.  

Love what I write and think it's worth something? Donations of any amount are appreciated to support the writing I do, including site maintenance, occasional coffee tips and most importantly, continuing to give my writing to all as a living. Love what I write, but not making a donation? I am always looking to expand my writing to new markets and publications, so I appreciate your support and referencing my site to others. Thanks for spreading the word of more thoughtful, adventurous reading. If you have any inquiries about writing for you or comments on stories,  contact me, Micah Simon, at thesailswithin@gmail.com.

Author for inspiration. discovery. healing. change.