For Taking Care of You

This section is in development as I gather my favorite health resources and tools . After all, if we can't take care of the body we're in, how can we execute the things we intend to do while we're alive? Got a good health resource tip? Tell me about it by contacting me at Donations and referrals to my page are accepted with gratitude. Thank you. 

We are what we eat and think


True health is beyond eating right and staying hydrated everyday. It's about balanced relationships, spirituality, and self-esteem. While I must make it known I'm not a doctor or able to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, I would like to offer my thoughts, insights and resources that have helped me continue my journey on a healing path. Sometimes, having an outside perspective or source of support is just what we need to stay invigorated in making the best choices to live.

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corporate wellness

Balancing Work and Health

If you're in the Baltimore, Maryland area and work in a corporate, small business or other employee environment, The Face Place Day Spa is offering a corporate wellness program to help employees integrate wellness and relaxation into their lives. A variety of programs and services are offered, including seated massage, acupuncture, smoking cessation, stress reduction seminars and more. 

There are a number of benefits of stress reduction and wellness techniques, including the improvement of vitality and concentration, improved employee relations, decrease in anxiety and depression and heightened alertness and energy. Wellness programs can be held at your work place or The Face Place Spa. For more information, email or call 410-730-5079.