Wings of the Writing

I could not make this website possible without the images that bring the thoughts, ideas and dreams to life. I'm fortunate I got to be around some talented people, visit some cool places and lucky enough that someone posed just right.

Featured in the gallery above is a new series of art from Aaron Simon.  Aaron's art has a variety of subjects and themes, including planets, people, heroes, villains and comic characters. Just to the left you'll find photos I've taken from my trips overseas, including my trip to South of France for the LUXYOGA Resolution Retreat in 2014 and Roman Holiday 2013. The picture of my backward bend is photographed by Andre Chung. Check out his website here. If you have any inquiries regarding Aaron's work, you can contact me at To make a donation for the art and pictures, click here. Thanks with much gratitude for reading, viewing and donating.